Southpoint News September 13, 2016

The Door of Mercy

opendoorAs part of the EXTRAORDINARY JUBILEE OF MERCY that Pope Francis has called for this year, the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica, a door which usually is cemented shut, has been opened. For the duration of the jubilee the door remains open, symbolizing open access to God. I am proud to belong to a church that very intentionally has decided to have a wide open door of mercy. Any one with a thirst for Jesus is welcome through our doors.  Not only does this open door allow others unhindered access to the presence of God within us, the open door allows us unhindered access to the presence of God around us in creation. As a church, we have made an intentional choice to be “low program”. One of the reasons for this choice is so that we, as a church community, have margin in our lives to be involved in the world outside our door.   Sometimes this engagement is simple and organic, like stopping to chat with an elderly neighbour, and sometimes it is structured, like housing a refugee family. Sometimes it is vocational, like making a film or growing organic vegetables, and sometimes it is voluntary, like helping out at Umoja. These actions that we take, while not necessarily collective, form our collective missional footprint in the world. This Sunday we want to celebrate this decentralized ripple of engagement that happens through our community of Southpoint. Please join us this Sunday as we have an irregularly scheduled ALL IN. During the service, we will be naming all the different organizations, places, and people we support as a church. Please bring an object that symbolizes the people, places, and things you support with your time, money, or prayers outside of Southpoint Church.  If you can bring information, such as a pamphlet, to share with others, please do so. Our goal is to celebrate the giving we are doing, and inform each other of opportunities for engagement.


September 18th:   ALL IN SERVICE @ 11:15 –  Celebrating the uniqueness of missions at Southpoint

September 25th:   Dedication of Becca Evans-Carlson during worship.  Please bring baked goods to help celebrate this happy day.


Psalm 130:7 Let Israel hope in the LORD:
for with the LORD there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption.


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