Southpoint News September 9, 2018

The Flow of Love

Since Lent, we’ve been tracing the Divine Flow of love and mercy through Jesus into Creation (Incarnation), into human brokenness (Jesus’ Life and Ministry),  into the very principalities and powers that bind us and rob us of life (Passion), and finally into each of us (Pentecost).  Divine Love then begins to flow back out of us into creation, into human brokenness, into principalities and power, and into people. This flow is continual rather than a one time deal. Love is flowing into our brokenness, changing and renewing us, and love is flowing out of our brokenness, changing and loving the world. It’s like the tide, continually ebbing and flowing.

So far this year, we’ve been focusing on the incoming tide – the receiving of mercy and love. In the fall, for the rest of ordinary time, we will  focus on the outgoing tide, the outward flow of God’s love and mercy moving through us into the world.

The beginning of Matthew follows this flow.  Right after the temptation of Jesus, (see Matthew 4:12-25), we see the Divine Love flowing from Jesus into the crowds. The kingdom draws near, and disciples are welcomed, people are healed, large crowds gather, and so on.

Jesus then goes up on a mountain and begins to teach the crowds how to live so that this divine love and mercy will not just flow into them, but out of them too. The sermon on the mount is Jesus” invitation to become part of the inflowing, outflowing waters of Divine Love and Mercy. The beatitudes are a beautiful bridge between the flow of love and mercy into us, and the flow of love and mercy out of us. The rest of the Sermon on the Mount gets concrete, showing us what such a life looks like.

This fall, we will dive into the Sermon on the Mount and swim around in its waters until Advent, seeking to become part of the flow of the revelation of Divine Love.

This Sunday is kick-off Sunday!
Hope you can make it!
We’ll be….
Celebrating new beginnings and praying for our children as they enter school
• Creating space to vision and dream
• Sharing up and coming ideas and plans
• Signing up for volunteer teams 
• Showing off our new church brochures


Ordinary Time, Fall 2018 Sunday Calendar

September 9th: Kick-Off Sunday – “Southpoint:  a Revelation of Divine Love”.
September 16th: “The Bridge”  – Matthew 5:3-12
September 23rd: ALL IN  + Pot Luck “Salt and Light” – Matthew 5:13-16
September 30th: “I Can’t Do it On My Own” – Matthew 5:17-30
October 7th: THANKSGIVING SUNDAY – “I am Grateful”
October 14th: “I Am Sorry” – Matthew 5:31-37
October 21st: “Do I Really Want To Love?” – Matthew 5:38-48
October 28th: ALL OUT – Gathering Groups: “Why Am I Doing This? – Matthew 6:1-18
November 4th: “What Do I Desire?” – Matthew 6:19-24
November 11th: “What Happens If I Let Go of Judgement?” – Matthew 7:1-12
November 18th: “Which Way Forward?” Matthew 7:13-27
November 25th: ALL IN + POT LUCK – Christ the King Sunday (Please bring plenty of food to share at our Pot Luck!)

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