Southpoint News – Week of August 18th, 2019

Aug 14, 2019

Withering and Thriving

This Sunday, we are coming to the end of our summer series on mental health.  Since no final story teller has stepped forward, I will be leading us in a conversation around seasons of withering and thriving.  It would be helpful if you could think about these seasons of your life a bit before you arrive.

There is an ebb and a flow to life. The tide comes in and out. The moon waxes and wanes. The desert is barren, and then the rain comes and overnight it blooms.  The trees shed their leaves and grow them again.

Psalm 1 attests to the fluidity of fruitfulness. The psalmist encourages us to meditate on God’s presence.  If we do, we will be like a tree planted by a well water stream who will bear fruit – IN SEASON.  Not all the time, mind you, but in the season of fruitfulness.

And so it is with our mental health.  We vacillate between times of withering and thriving.  However, just like there are conditions that allow roses to blossom and trees to bear fruit, there are conditions that foster greater wholeness in our lives.

This is the conversation I’d like to have together.

So, in preparation for Sunday. Can you name, for yourself, those conditions and  practices that wither you? And those conditions and practices that bring about your thriving?  I will be inviting you to share what you are comfortable sharing.

Baptism Sunday

Sunday, September 1st will be a service of Baptism at Brooksdale Environmental Center – 1620 192 St, Surrey.

Next week is an ALL OUT Sunday!

Our next ALL OUT service is next Sunday, August 25th! Your gathering group leaders will be in touch. (If you haven’t heard from them and you want to know the plan, do email them!)

A Summer of Sundays:

Aug 18: Anne Smith: “Withering and Thriving”

Aug 25: ALL OUT – Gathering Group

September 1st: Baptism Sunday

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