Southpoint News – Week of July 14, 2019

Jul 11, 2019

Savour and Serve: Befriending Anxiety In Ourselves and Others

(including Children)

People often ask how to “get rid of their anxiety”, or how to “overcome” their anxiety. But anxiety is not like a box of recycling we can drop off and be done with. It’s also not an enemy we need to subdue. From early childhood we live in a world that feeds, and even endorses, our anxiety. We’re simply not going to “get rid of it”.

There is, I believe, a better, more whole and more healthful way: we befriend our anxiety. We offer our anxiety tender attention and kindness, and in doing that, we lower both the intensity and volume of our anxious feelings.

This workshop will introduce two simple practices that you can insert anywhere in your day – or your child’s day – that will change your relationship with your anxiety.

For more information, please contact Kate at 

A Rocha Summer Camp

Hello summer!!! We are hosting 3 amazing weeks of camp at A Rocha this this summer. There is room left in 2 of them so if your family is interested hurry and sign up soon:

Camps are for ages 6-12 and run from 9am-3pm. If you have any questions ask Jessica or Ruth.


Anne’s Holiday:

I will be away June 24th – July 19th for our family vacation, which will begin with a reunion with old friends and a theological conference in Cambridge, England and end with time in Czech with Jaro’s family. Adam, who has been abroad doing course work and travelling, will join us in Prague, along with Johanna and Jaro. We are really looking forward to some rich family time together. We are saddened that the dates of this trip and the church camping trip clashed. A big thank you to Angela and all those who are holding that space without me.  See you in July!!

A Summer of Sundays:

July 14th: Donelda Seymour,  “Withering and Thriving: How to Support the Mental Health of Our Youth”

July 21: Leah Kostamo, “Centering Prayer as a Way of Receiving Life”

July 28: ALL OUT – Gathering Group

Aug 4: Kate Morgan:  “While It Was Yet Dark: Learning the Gentle Journey Of Living With Anxiety And Depression”

Text: Psalm 40:11-17

Aug 11: Markku Kostamo: “Polar Bears and Dark Nights”

Text: Deuteronomy 30: 19-20, John 10:10

Aug 18: TBA:  I am still looking for a person to fill this date. If you are available and willing to share, please let me know.

Aug 25: ALL OUT – Gathering Group

September 1st: Baptism Sunday

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