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May 09, 2019


That word has seemed so abstract and disembodied for me.  If resurrection is solely what happens after we die, then we cannot see resurrection while we live on this earth. I mean, we just don’t see resurrected bodies walking around us.  Such a singular view of resurrection doesn’t seem compatible with Jesus’ statement, “I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly.”  I began to ponder this during lent, in anticipation for Easter: “What does resurrection look like, aside from being given life after we die?  How do we experience and share in the power of resurrection, as Paul seems to infer that we do,  here and now?”

That thought took me back to Genesis. I began to think of all that was lost in the creation story after Adam and Eve ate the apple, all the severing of relationships that occurred, and that do occur, in our world:  our relationship with God, with creation, with one another, and with ourselves.

I began to wonder if perhaps Jesus’ resurrection wasn’t about the healing and restoring these connections.  I then took these relationships lost in the story of the fall and looked at passages in the lectionary readings for Easter to see how they were being restored in Jesus. And voila! They are being restored in these passages!

So, this is where I’ll be going in Easter Season, in case you are curious.  As it so often does, the theme will strengthen and clarify along the way.  But I am exciting about linking the resurrection with the restoration of these beautiful realities and relationships which are so central to our sense of wellbeing and wholeness as human beings.

Today, I found a little confirmation of this promise of resurrection in my inbox when I read Richard Rohr. He writes,

“The greatest disease facing humanity right now is our profound and painful sense of disconnection. We feel disconnected from God, certainly, but also from ourselves (especially our bodies), from each other, and from our world. Our sense of this fourfold isolation is plunging our species into increasingly destructive behavior and much mental illness.  Yet many are discovering that the Infinite Flow of the Trinity—and our practical, felt experience of this gift—offers the utterly grounded reconnection with God, with self, with others, and with our world.” 

This is where my musings are taking me this Easter. Through them, I have a greater awareness of my lostness, how I daily experience the impact of these worn threads of connection.  However, I have a greater hunger for healing, and I am crying out, “Come, Jesus, come. Come with resurrection power into my life. As I live out my life east of Eden, bring me home through deepening connection with you, my own true self, creation, and others.”

What is your prayer this easter season? 

What connections are you longing to be restored? 


Calendar: Easter Season


May 12th: “What Does Resurrection Look Like?”, Part 3, “Life”  Scriptures:  Acts 9:36-43, John 10:22-30, Speaker: Anne

May 19th: “What Does Resurrection Look Like?”, Part 4, “Connection” Scriptures: Acts 11:1-18, John 13:31-35, Speaker: Anne

May 26th:  ALL IN + Pot Luck 

June 2nd:  “What Does Resurrection Look Like?” Part 5 “Communion”  Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21 John 17:20-26, Speaker:  Anne


Opportunities for Deepening Connections:


Actors wanted!

We are doing a play on Sunday May 26 called “The Miraculous Catch” written by Jason Goode.  We are looking for 7 actors (age 13 and up) to work on this during the month of May.  Please talk to Angela if you are at all interested


An open small group for youth/young adults.

Monday @ 8:30 pm, Anne and Craig’s house.

We dig deep into connecting with God and each other as we play games, discuss books, pray, share.  Interested?  Contact Anne (

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