Southpoint Prayer Night Update…

Jun 10, 2008

hands A huge word of thanks to the Hardy / Adams family for hosting the first of what will hopefully be a recurring prayer night full of conversation, contemplation, and communion (not to mention some super nummy baked goods)!

To those of you who were able to make it out Monday night, what a great time of seeking and listening for God. I hope you all came away as encouraged and inspired as I did, really looking forward to doing it again.

I want to extend an invitation to everyone in our church to please consider joining us next Monday at the Hardy house for prayer. There is no better way to grow as a community and discern direction for the future than on our knees. If you want to share what God is saying to you, or what the Spirit has laid on your heart, please join us next week.

We will be emailing exact details within the next day or so, but it will probably be Monday, June 16th @ 7:30 at the Hardy’s. (Now changed to the Simpson’s home!)


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