Sunday 29 March: Resources for Worshipping in Place.

Colour wheel for Lent 2020 – Joy Kirkwood



Hello church family,

Here are the Worshipping in Place resources for your household this week, our last Sunday before Palm Sunday. We have been making our way through the Psalms of Ascent since January. This is our second to last, Psalm 133.

Our Sunday worship is like a journey through our four core images, and our liturgy reflects this. When you open the liturgy, this order of service is laid out for you:


Coming to the Well    page 1
Mending the Net        page 1-2
Watering the Seed     Refer to insert sent each week
Sitting at the Table     page 3
Going Out to Love      page 3

You will find two attachments below:

* The first contains the liturgy which you may have printed last weekend – so you may not need to print it again this Sunday.

* The second attachment contains the weekly supplemental material for this particular Sunday (29 March) which you can slip right in when you reach the “Watering the Seed” point in the liturgy.

I have posted a nine-minute video to greet you and to introduce today’s materials here on our church Facebook page.

Although I miss worshipping in the same place, we our bound in love.

Sabbath blessings.

Much love,


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