The Final Approach

Jul 03, 2009

By God’s grace, through the strength, resources and skill he has provided, we are fast approaching the opening of Small Ritual Coffee! Plumbing and electrical were approved (thanks especially to Tim with the wiring), the web site is up and running (thanks Danny) and our Community Welcome Team is working hard on our first event scheduled for July 18th (thanks to Pete, Katie, Sarah, Stacey, Noni, Brent, Cheryl, Glen and Karolyn). There are also two work events planned for July 4th (10am at Small Ritual) and July 11th (10am at the Hardy’s). Various tasks need to be done so bring your work clothes and join us.

Continue to watch and pray as together we land this thing!

(And take some time to refresh your memory by reading again the journey of Small Ritual. Click on the “Coffee House” tag in the side bar or the “Small Ritual Coffee” tab at the top of the page.)

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