The Week of March 29-April 4

Toddler Tulip by Brent Unrau

Vulnerability and Creativity

Angela and I spent yesterday morning reading and consolidating the very valuable information many of you shared in the online survey. Here is a small snapshot of what we’ve learned:

As a community, we miss each other. We miss seeing each other’s faces, singing together, watching our children engage with other children, having space to be, listening to each other.

As a community, we are holding concerns. Concerns that our relationships will atrophy, that we’ll lose momentum, that we’ll lose jobs or income, that our family or friends will become ill, that nonprofits will struggle, that the need for creation care will be overlooked.

As a community, we are experiencing vulnerability, grief, radical changes in our daily routine, isolation without a known end, and an awareness that pre-existing medical issues will be on the back-burner as our medical system responds to this crisis.

As a community, we are resilient. We are finding ways of spiritually nourishing ourselves – playing the ukelele in the sunshine, walking in the woods, sitting in silence, listening to podcasts, dipping into sermons on line. We are finding ways of connecting to others – virtual coffees, zoom, facebook, marco polo, gardening from a distance.

As a community, we are open to new ways of staying connected: instagram and facebook, videos, instagram children’s storytime, worship resources and  liturgy books, virtual book clubs, phone calls, pen pals, small virtual circles of support, praying for one another, parenting support circles.

Last night, we met by Zoom as a Leadership Team to discuss what Southpoint @ home will look like in the weeks to come.

In the midst of our shared vulnerability, I feel the creative pulse of the Spirit and therefore have hope in what God will do in us and through us and for us in this strange season. Look out next week for a full report of what is to come. For this week, please be on the look out for the worship resources that will be in your inbox by Sunday morning.

Much love,




These are financially vulnerable times. We recognize that some of you might be unable to meet your monthly pledge. Please contact Sarah if you need to amend your monthly giving (email).


Southpoint @ Home
Pen Pals!

There are a few people who have expressed interested in participating in a Southpoint pen pal group.

If you (or your child) would like to be involved in this, please contact Angela (email) with a quick “pen pals” as the subject.






The Church at Southpoint
– an open site. Weekly worship materials are posted here.



Church at Southpoint Friendship Bench
– a private forum for local attendees


Gathering Groups

If you have a special need be in touch with your Gathering Group Facilitator; this is a time for our neighbourhood tables to care for each other!


Feeling Heavy?

Do contact Anne if you are feeling the weight and are looking for a safe place to chat and pray.


Ask for Prayer

The prayer chain is in full swing. You’re encouraged to contact John Hardy (email) with requests for prayer.


Add to the Southpoint News

If you have an announcement for the newsletter, please send it fully prepared and edited by Tuesday to


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