Three-Week Hiatus in Services: March 15, 22, 29

Helleborus orientalis – Lenten Rose  Cheryl Hodges, 2005



Psalm 130 “Out of the Depths”

As we move into Lent, we are shifting how we travel through the Psalms of Ascent. Instead of focusing on the story of the Jewish people who originally sang these songs, often in times of difficulty, we are making space for our own stories and letting the psalms draw us into our own prayers. We are simultaneously following the pattern of Jewish spirituality which holds space for emotions so well. The colour wheel that Angela Neufeld and Joy Kirkwood created offer us a unique opportunity to observe and verbalize in prayer the emotions we are carrying within us this Lent. 

During these first weeks of Lent, look around you for the Lenten Rose, shown here in this picture. One of the first flowers to lift itself from the depths of winter and offer itself to the light, it is a sign of hope, a sign that winter is loosening its grip. I wonder if our lenten prayers are like this Lenten Rose. From out of the depths, we lift up our cries to God. We wait like a watchman waits for the morning. We place our hope in the steadfast love of our Creator. 

Here is my prayer for today:

God, from out of the depths I cry out to you. I have an ache in my heart as I think of the doctors and nurses working so hard to respond to the coronavirus breaking out in countries all over the world. I feel compassion in my gut for leaders trying to make hard decisions and speak hard truths to their people. 

I feel protective of those who are vulnerable, and I feel concern for those who are poor. I also feel afraid for my parents living in Washington. Today, I will do what I can, praying for the world, making choices that show love and inclusion to the most vulnerable in our church, taking care of my family. In the midst of it all, I am waiting for you. I know you are here, your kingdom unfolding even in the midst of this hardness. 

Let my hope be like the Lenten Rose, rising up from the depths, stretching and unfurling as I turn back and attune to you. May I find stability for my mind and heart in the assurance of your steadfast love as we walk into the unknown. Amen.

– Anne




Letter from the Leadership Team Affecting Services March 15, 22, 29 

Peace, dear Church at Southpoint. 

COVID-19 has arrived in our region in the last weeks, and our church community has a number of people who are particularly vulnerable to this virus. Many families are heading into the disruption of Spring Break. Out of an abundance of caution, we have made the difficult decision as a Leadership Team to lean into this disruption and take a hiatus from church services for the next three Sundays: March 15th, 22nd and 29th, with an intention to return together for Palm Sunday, April 5th, if it is wise to do so. 

Our pastor, Anne, will be sending out a home worship package so you can worship together as a family or with a few friends. We encourage you to post your home worship experiences to our “Friendship Bench” Facebook page in order to maintain connection and encourage one another during this hiatus. 

There is no cure or vaccine on the horizon, so the way to avoid the devastating results of exponential growth patterns seen in China, Italy, South Korea, Iran, is social isolation. Many countries in Europe with low infection numbers are adopting this strategy. Ireland, Denmark, Poland, and Hungary are cancelling all schools. Such social distancing provides protection for those who are most at risk, allowing cases to surface more slowly and preventing rapid spread of the virus. This assists hospitals, doctors, and nurses to manage the flow of patients so that hospital beds and ventilators remain available to those who need it. 

Do good things to the city I have sent to you.

Those are the words that God spoke through Jeremiah to his people in Babylon. Part of being the church is wishing the best for the community you are situated in. We believe it’s our civic responsibility to lead the charge in making the hard choices for the good of those who are at greatest risk, which includes not just those with compromised immune systems, but those in our medical institutions who will be providing care to those who are ill. Sometimes leadership is about looking at hard things and making hard calls. Each of us will be having to exercise our own leadership in the days to come, making choices on behalf of our own wellbeing and others, often holding those two in tension. 

May God give us wisdom, grace, and discernment as we journey collectively into uncharted waters. In the simplicity of pared-down lives, may we find that the light of Christ really is with us. 

Jesus, Peace of our hearts, in our nights as in our days, in the hours of darkness as in those of bright light, you are with us.


Theresa, Art, Brian O., Tim, Katie, Jason, and Anne S. 

The Leadership Team @ Southpoint





Services at Sunnyside, 10:00 am 

CANCELLED Sundays March 15, 22, 29th 

Regular services to resume, if considered wise to do so:

Apr 5 Palm Sunday

(Apr 10 Good Friday)

Apr 12 Easter


Roots Youth Bible study, hosted by Anne & Craig

Tuesday March 17, 7:30-9:00 pm  

** Please check with organizers re: possibility of cancellation** 


Fellowship of the Ring  Junior Youth, Hosted by Lynne & Brian

Friday March 20 , 6:00-7:30 pm 

** Please check with organizers re: possibility of cancellation** 


Southpoint Central

CANCELLED Wednesday March 25 




Good Friday 

April 10, 10:00-12:00 pm 

Kingfisher Farm 512 172 Street, Surrey 

You’re invited to participate in a meaningful Stations of the Cross Walk at Kingfisher Farm. 

This self-guided walk winds through the forest, around the ponds, and encircles the farm on a forest footpath. Suitable for all ages but please do wear shoes with a good tread; be prepared for some stairs and hills. The Psalms of Ascent with which we have been journeying continue to be our companion as we find ourselves in the story of Jesus walking to the cross – a story with confusion, loss, suffering and peace. 




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