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Mar 17, 2009


If you’ve ever visted a website and been greeted with this image, then you know the feeling of looking for something, wanting it, and yet knowing that you will have to wait.  We find ourselves in much the same situation with the coffee house.

Over the next 3 months or so, a great deal of planning, work, and renovation will have to take place in order to finally bring the vision of Small Ritual Coffee to life.  We have a highly qualified interior architect developing drawings, and an experienced retail coffee consultant advising us on all aspects of establishing a coffee house.  But that won’t be enough.

We need you!  Without you, the Church at Southpoint community, this endeavor would not exist.  In order for us keep moving forward, we’re going to need your help and support.  You may wonder how you can help, so here are a few ideas…

1) Pray for Small Ritual Coffee and Transition Team.

2) Pray for unique opportunities in our community.

3) Do you have any skills (not yodelling) or abilities that you think might be useful?  Let someone know (sometimes its okay to tell people how special you are).

4) Do you know someone who is looking for ways to invest or give back to the community?  We’d love to talk to them!

5) Talk about the coffee house.  This sounds silly and simple, but its incredibly powerful.  The more we talk about Small Ritual Coffee and our vision for a unique third place in the community… well you know what I’m getting at.

6) Buy some gloves.  That’s right, if you don’t have a good pair of work gloves, you might want to stop off at Rona on your way home.  There are going to be opportunities throughout the next 3 months to get your hands dirty and work out your theology in a slightly more physical way.  We’ll be looking for skilled and unskilled volunteers to help as we tear down walls, rip up flooring and build a beautiful space for Small Ritual Coffee.

I sincerely hope that through the coming months everyone finds a tangible way to feel connected to the coffee house and our vision for the community.  There will be surprises, challenges, joy, and satisfaction, and hopefully we’ll all be able to share in it together.

If you have questions or want to know more about Small Ritual Coffee, our new retail space, or how you can be involved, talk to Scott, Pete or any of the transition team (Scott, Brent, Cheryl, Ryan K, Pete).

Blessings, and good coffee (or tea) to all!

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