Update from Alegria

Aug 05, 2009
Stacey in Alegria

Stacey writes from El Salvador:


Here´s a quick update:
Everything is great!!  You´d be so happy to see the homes we built last year.  They´re painted and have gardens…they truly look like homes.  We are right in the same area, in fact, I´m at the new casa numero dos, which is right beside where you were Tim!  I´m already taking TONS of pictures, don´t worry  😉
I also wanted to tell you that we are all remembered so well.  We had dinner with the youth at Centro Gabriel on Sat. and when they saw me they hugged me and asked about each of you.  I think they were disappointed I was the only one there  😉
Scott, today I saw Esteban right away as we made our way up the hill!  He gave me a huge hug and as he pulled away he immediately said “Scott?”  Christine & Mike, I saw Carlos and he´s so tall!  He didn´t really know me but I have pictures of you guys I plan on bringing tomorrow.  Colin & Glen, I didn´t see anyone at your house but you should see it!  You won´t believe the progress!!  The whole community looks fabulous.
So much for a quick update  =)
Like I said, I just couldn´t wait to tell you that you are remembered with love and made a great impact on the people here.  I miss you all, and am looking forward to sharing with you when I get home!

Love Stacey”

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