Week of Jan. 17-23, 2021.

The Daughters of Zelophehad, by Lauren Wright Pittman.


This past Sunday I shared some research I had done on Numbers 27:1-11 and the Daughters of Zelophehad. I was curious about how this passage was viewed by scholars within Judaism. In my reading, I was surprised to find this midrash which highlights the mercy of God which equally covers ALL people:

“Then drew near the daughters of Zelophehad” [Numbers 27:1]: When the daughters of Zelophehad heard that the Land was to be divided among the tribes – but only for males, not for females – they gathered to take counsel. They said that the mercy of flesh and blood is not like the mercy of God. Flesh and blood is apt to be more merciful to males than to females. But He who spoke and the world came into being is different: His mercy is for males and females; His mercy is for all, as it is written, “The Lord is good for all and His mercy is over all His works” [Psalms 145:9]. (Sifrei Pinehas, 133)”

Since God’s mercy covers the whole earth, why shouldn’t it also cover these sisters? The whole of God’s mercy for the whole people of God! Many of you expressed curiosity and a desire to know more. Here is an article for those of you interested in a starting point:

The Daughters of Zelophehad and the Struggle for Justice for Women. Articleby Dr. Brenda Bacon of the Schechter Institute

– Anne


Whole People Task Force

In fall, the Leadership Team tasked a small group of people to begin a process of self-exploration as a church. We wanted to know who we are, as the whole people of Southpoint, so we can show up with more clarity and bravery in the world.

The first step of this task force was to meet with each person at Southpoint who attends regularly. We were curious to hear of your experience at Southpoint: What draws you here? What keeps you here? What words would you use to describe us?

We also asked how each person experienced belonging to a church that welcomes anyone thirsty for God, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Since this is a point of conversation within the denomination, it seemed important to us as a Leadership Team that we know who we are, as the whole people of Southpoint, so we can show up with more bravery and clarity in the world. We learned that while there is some variance in experience and comfort and some people feel the need for greater inquiry, we are a church that is welcoming, not just in practice, but with our hearts.

Having done this work together, we are starting The Whole People Task Force. We chose the phrase, “Whole People”, because it holds so many different meanings. “Whole” means all of us within Southpoint, without any one left out. “Whole” means God’s radical heart of mercy and inclusion covering the WHOLE earth. “Whole” means shalom – wholeness – internally, in each of us, and externally, in our world. This is our ethical orientation: We want to make choices that increase wholeness, Shalom, within us and within our world.

We aren’t there yet, but we’re moving in this direction. We will be working towards this vision. Stayed tuned to hear next steps.


The Whole People Task Force

(Anne, Theresa, David E-C, Carmen, and Christie)

Together @Southpoint 

Are you fairly new to our community? Would you like to learn more about Southpoint Church? Are you interested in becoming a member?

Anne would like to welcome you to join her for a zoom conversation after church on January 31. RSVP to Anne if you are interested!  (email, 778-878-4352)


Prayer Circles
Wednesdays at Noon, by Zoom
If you would like to join in, please contact Anne (778-878-4352, email).

Prayer Chain
If you have a confidential prayer need, please contact John Hardy (email).

Pastoral Support
If you’re needing to talk or to pray, please contact Anne (778-878-4352, email).



This link will provide you with the information you need to join Sunday’s service at 10:00 am.

Epiphany Series:

Jan 17    Zelophehad’s daughters
Numbers 27:1-11

Jan 24    Deborah
Judges 4-5

Jan 31    Queen Vashti
Esther 1-2:17

Feb. 7    Lydia
Acts 16:11-15, 40

Feb 14    Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 8:26-40

Feb 17
Ash Wednesday

Supporting Southpoint 

Thank you for considering your giving while we are not meeting in person. Possible means of giving include:

Pre-authorized debit (monthly or one-time) with our linked form.
Cost to Southpoint is $0.50.

Paypal to the The Church at Southpoint. Cost is 3% of the donation. No Paypal account is required, only a credit card.

Charitable Impact Foundation.
Cost is 2.8% of the donation.

Thank you!

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