Week of Jun 27–Jul 3, 2021.

Mother Hen, by Lauren Wright Pittman.

Cultivating trust in God’s care and Letting Go of self-reliance

Excerpt from Maryanne Balzer’s meditation on Luke 13: 31-35. If you missed it: recordings .

Jesus often uses word pictures in his efforts to help us understand who he is and who God is. “I am the vine”, “I am the door”. Earlier in this chapter, Jesus uses the pictures of an oak tree and of yeast to describe the Kingdom of God. Jesus knows the power available within symbols.

“How often have I desired/longed to gather your children together as a mother hen gathers her brood safe under her wings, and you were not willing”.

I find myself drawn to the mother hen who longs to hold me close: a picture of Jesus’ care, compassion, even willingness to die for me.

What about the part of being offered safety and protection? I do know we are not safe from troubles—from death, from grief, from suffering; that is not the protection being offered.

My experience has been that I have felt held and comforted, cared for and nurtured, especially during those times of grief, suffering and pain. A different kind of safety and protection—not a rescuing, but a being with—a God who is with us and for us.

Our life with our son, Eric—who lived with autism and later was diagnosed with ALS, dying aged 25—was a place where I got lots of practise in letting go of self-reliance so that I could accept the gift of love and support from others.

Now, and in the years to come, I am having many opportunities to let go of my self-reliance as I age and have to admit over and over again: “I need help”, “I am forgetting”, “I am overwhelmed by decisions”, “I can’t do things I used to be able to do with ease”.

A few years ago we joined this community of Southpoint. And so I have a new community to learn to be real with. Can I let go of self-reliance and open myself to being cared for by this community? Can I allow my weaknesses to be known and not try to hold it all together, but rather let this community love and support me?

And so I choose—over and over again—to rest in the loving embrace of a Mother Hen Jesus who wants to hold me close and be with me and for me all the way; I pray for the grace to let go of self-reliance and whatever else keeps me from receiving God’s love.


If you are interested in learning more about the SoulCollage®? practise Maryanne mentioned, she is offering three introductory workshops this summer: July 2, July 21 and Aug. 20 from 3:00–4:30 in the Kingfisher Farm Orchard. Email her for more details. 

Together @ Southpoint

Youth, In Summer
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Community Sharing
Here, we hold space particularly to hear the sorrow/worry in hearts of those whose journeys are right now hard. 

Zoë  Please keep Zoë in your prayers for an incredibly effective open heart surgery (July 15) to correct some congenital structural defects, and for her to have a comfortable recovery in hospital  (up to a week) and at home afterwards. 

Loriane  If you’d like to reach out, you can sign up to take Loriane a meal at takethemameal.com, putting ‘Frewing’ in the ‘Find’ field, and using password 4196. 

You can read the obituary for Grant here

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If you have a confidential prayer need, please send it to the first link in the chain, John H. (email).

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Our Wider Community
Trunk Sale for Christmas on the Peninsula
July 10, 9:00 am–1:00 pm
You are invited to participate in a Trunk Sale to fundraise for the Christmas on the Peninsula Society. If you want a space to sell your treasures, you can rent one for $35 (or two together for $60). Between every seller will be an entire parking space to maintain social distancing. Register here.
If you want to treasure hunt, all you have to do is come between 9 am & 1 pm to Mt Olive Lutheran Church (2350 148 Street) to do some perusing! We hope you’ll have fun getting out and seeing people again!

– Jennifer McAllister, 
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Our summer invitation is to pay attention to God, our Master Gardener, and God’s actions in and around us. We invite God to unearth in us what lies fallow, what needs to be tended, and what needs to die for new life to emerge. We embrace the practise of cultivating and letting go using resources created by A Sanctified Art (website).

July 4 Outdoor Church
* Wear a mask
* Bring a chair/blanket
* and a summer liturgy

GGs in Hardy yard:
Smith, Neufeld & BJ/Unrau 

GGs in Oger yard:
Oger, McDougall-Lade & Hubbard

NB: There will be no gathering groups at Kingfisher on July 4.

If an Outdoor Church needs to be cancelled (for Covid reasons, or due to inclement weather!) you will receive an email on Sunday morning by 8:30 am fromKarin (office@southpoint.ca) to alert you.

Small Group Zoom
  Zoom host: Yvonne
NB: This an option for those unable to attend an outdoor gathering. It is a time of fellowship and not a ‘led’ service. It will NOT replace Outdoor Church if weather cancels it.?

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