Week of March 14-20, 2021.

John Bolster, 2021

Getting Curious

As we reach this halfway point in our Southpoint Central Lenten conversations, I want to thank you for choosing to take part. As a recovering people-pleaser, I value conversations where folk feel safe and go away satisfied. Obviously, tackling a series on inclusion takes me way out of my own comfort zone! However, conversations that expose our differences are an opportunity to practice foundational skills necessary for inclusion.

We get to validate our own inner reality by saying, “I don’t like that. That doesn’t feel comfortable to me.” Or, “I like that. This feels great to me!” We are given an opportunity to validate someone else’s inner reality too.

We might even have a chance to sit with the emotional discomfort that occurs when our tastes, beliefs, and values collide. This lets us practice holding our experiences of reality alongside one another and get curious about those differences.

We can get curious about our inner responses, too. When someone offends us, it is often because they are tromping (often inadvertently), on something we value. How is your anger teaching you what is important to you? How is your delight teaching you what is important to you? How do these responses reveal your deeply held values?

When we talk to one another about what we value and the priorities in which we hold those values, our conversation deepens to a new level. We might disagree, but talking at this level can help us by-pass labeling one another as “other” or “bad” and help us arrive at understanding.

I am hoping that our Southpoint Centrals are prompting lots of good conversations  during the week. I am hoping these conversations give us space to explore what beliefs, behaviours, communication styles, and ways of knowing are important to you. All of this helps us in our process of self-definition, as individuals and as a community.

For those of you who have written to let me know what you like and don’t like, thank you for letting me know what matters to you. Keep your emails coming:)

– Anne

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Southpoint Central: Lenten Conversations


March 24, Storytelling:
Journeys of Personal Healing – Stacey Chomiak

RSVP here.

OPEN event – please feel free to invite people to join.

Inquiry: What is it like to accept ourselves and one another as fully clean, beloved by God?


Missed the first one? You can still view the David Gushee video:  watch.


Together @Southpoint 
Lenten Worship

This link will provide you with the information you need to join our Sunday service at 10:00 am.

You may like to have a candle at hand to light during the service, and the elements of Communion ready for that portion of our worship.

March 21   Nadia Vanderkuip
The Tension of Adapting to New Horizons
Acts 10

March 28   Christie Goode
The Cleared Path: When Tension Eases into Spaciousness
Rev 7: 9-10 and 22: 17

April 4   Anne Smith
Easter Sunday

Lent At Home

A prayer practice for Lent: the Lenten Pathway (link) and Prayer Journey (link).

The prayers can be incorporated wherever you can carve out a window in your day to turn your attention towards the well of God’s love.


Financial Update, 2021

Because our 2021 budget has a small margin, at our AGM we committed to good communication and regular updates regarding our financial situation. Here is the first budget update of the year.

The monthly donations needed to meet our budgeted expenses is $9,650.

January donations: $7,926.00
under budget by $1,724

February donations: $8,638.64
under budget by $1,011.35

Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we trust God to provide for the needs of our community.


Calendar Items

Youth, in March

Sat. 20 Roots group
Hike around Burns Bog at 11:00 am.
Everyone welcome – even dogs!!
Meet in the Planet Ice parking lot.
There may be cinnamon buns for hikers!

Tue. 23  Order of the Phoenix 
Zoom at 6:00 pm



Prayer Circles

Wednesdays at Noon, by Zoom
If you would like to join in, please contact Anne (778-878-4352, email).

Prayer Chain
If you have a confidential prayer need, please contact John Hardy (email).

Pastoral Support
If you’re needing to talk or to pray, please contact Anne (778-878-4352, email).



Supporting Southpoint 

Thank you for considering your giving while we are not meeting in person. Possible means of giving include:

Pre-authorized debit (monthly or one-time) with our linked form. Cost to Southpoint is $0.50.

Paypal to the The Church at Southpoint. Cost is 3% of the donation. No Paypal account is required, only a credit card.

Charitable Impact Foundation.
Cost is 2.8% of the donation.

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