Week of May 10-16, 2020

A Liturgy of Abundance

Last week, when there was news that our government was loosening restrictions and we could double our bubble, I overhead Johanna talking with her dear friend, Maiah. In voices full of excitement, they were saying to one another, “And we can SIT on a blanket – TOGETHER!!! As if sitting together on a blanket was the most amazing feast. And of course, it is:)

When we slow down enough to notice the little things, we realize they are not little at all. In fact, sometimes the things that seem the smallest, the most ordinary, actually hold the most abundance. As we begin to notice this abundance, which ultimately flows from God, it soothes our troubled hearts and the myth of scarcity loses some of its hold on us.

Perhaps you will permit me to use my own life experience as an example. One of the long term effects of growing up with a sister who had multiple health complications, hospitalizations, surgeries, and near death experiences is that I do not approach the future with a breezy optimism. Rather, I am unconsciously girding myself for the next storm, even when skies are sunny and clear. When Covid-19 appeared on the horizon, I was prepared. I saw the approaching storm from far away and was grieving the wreckage it would leave, way back in February. In my conditioned hyper-vigilance, I researched a lot, which only increased my concern. I went straight to worse case scenarios: we’ll be hit hard; someone I love will die.

About two weeks into social distancing, my dear friend Katie Atkinson invited me to participate in a 21-day meditation on Abundance. Every morning I would put on my headphones, listen to the meditation, and walk around in the forest. Over the course of those 21 days, my heart began to soften. I stopped researching and limited myself to checking statistics only in the evening. I began to take morning “beauty walks” instead and took pictures of the coming of spring. Slowly, meditating on abundance, remembering that abundance lies at the heart of all things, and looking for abundance began to sooth my nervous system.

The past few weeks I have been practising extending this abundance forward into the future. If God has been gracious to me in the past, and if God’s abundance is with me in the present, then can’t I trust that God’s abundance will accompany me in the future, too? Practising the liturgy of abundance is slowly healing my relationship to my own future.

I wonder what healing awaits you as you begin to attend to the abundance of God at the heart of all things? This is a beautiful video (A Grateful Day by Brother David Steindl-Rast) that I watched halfway through my 21 days of abundance. May it be a window for you into the abundance of your own life:)

– Anne

Faith, Grief, and COVID-19: A Conversation

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries is offering a free four-part series using discussion guides and films to open conversations in small groups around the challenges of this season. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated grief in all of our lives.

Their online resource is designed for small clusters of people to explore together how we understand grief as Christians and how we can support those grieving while practicing physical distancing.

I am curious if there are those interested in journeying through this material in community? I have been approached by one interested person, and I’m putting this out to you. Please contact me (Anne) if you would like to explore this idea.


Responding in Love

With new hardships emerging around the world due to COVID-19’s impact, Southpoint’s ‘The NET’ has chosen to donate the global relief portion of our missions budget to the Canadian Baptist Ministries’ special fund for humanitarian relief.

If you would like to donate directly:
– E-transfer to finance@cbmin.org, or
– Donate online, or
– Call 1.905.821.3533


Sunday May 24

No Zoom church.

We’ll be connecting as Gathering Groups – stay tuned to hear from facilitators!



Through our participation in Southpoint’s core practices: Worship, Connection, and Care, God grows love in us and flows love through us, allowing us to “love God, love people, and love creation.


Sunday Church, Zoom at 10:00 am
Simplified Zoom worship for which liturgy booklets are available. Questions? Contact Karin, our administrator (email).

Fourth Sundays: May 24, Jun 28
No church! Plan to connect as Gathering Groups.
Sundays ahead…

May 10 Southpoint Zooms
Abundance, Gen 1:11-31

May 17 Southpoint Zooms
Rest, Gen 2:1-3

May 24  ALL OUT

May 31 Southpoint Zooms
Spirit,  Gen 1:1-5, Gen 2:4-7

Jun 7 Southpoint Zooms
Being Human
Gen 1:26-28, Gen 2:15,16

Jun 14 Southpoint Zooms
Knowing and Being Known
Gen 2:15-25

Jun 21 Southpoint Zooms

Jun 28   ALL OUT


Men’s Virtually Bad Movie Night
Tuesdays @ 8:00 pm.
Contact Jason

Pen Pals
If you (or your child) would like to be involved in this, please contact Angela (email).

Southpoint Bookclub
Fourth Wednesdays, 7:30 pm

May 27  Women Talking, by Miriam Toews
June 24  American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins

Interested in joining? For a Zoom link, contact Katie.


Gathering Groups
During this season, we are encouraging Gathering Groups to stay in touch and be aware of each other’s needs. If you have a struggle, or an idea for ways to connect, please contact your gathering group. If you are in need of a group, or don’t know what group you are in, please contact Angela (email).

Prayer Chain
If you have a confidential prayer need, please contact John.

Drop-In Prayer Times
The people listed at the times listed below are holding space for and praying for our community. You are invited to call – please do!

Mondays   7:00-8:00 pm
– David M.

Tuesdays   3:30-4:30 pm
– Anne H.

Wednesdays   7:00-8:00 pm
– Roland

Thursdays   10:30-11:30 am
– Anne Smith  778-878-4352 email

Pastoral Support
Contact Anne by email or text (778-878-4352).

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