Week of May 17-23

Freedom – by Sarah Goodnough, 2020

“Yes” and “No”

One of the beautiful (and daunting) parts of adulting is the freedom of choice we have. No one is hovering over us to remind us to brush our teeth, or get to bed on time. No one else chooses what item we’ll order on the menu, or how much money we’re going to give away. We have freedom and responsibility.

How strange it has been, then, to have the government set limits on freedoms that up until now have been a given: whom to hug, how close to stand to people, whose house we can visit, when we can and cannot get a haircut. Despite the strangeness of these limits, most of us have graciously submitted to them because we knew they were for our own collective benefit. They were put in place after careful thought so that we could flourish as a people. The beautiful thing is watching how our good will towards these new rules has worked. We are beginning to unfurl from our cocoons to enjoy a few new freedoms because we worked together to uphold these rules. For a western country with a firm respect for individual freedom this was no small feat. I am proud of what we have accomplished together here in B.C.

This experience of saying “yes” to these boundaries and “no” to certain behaviours has got me thinking anew about the Sabbath. It is fascinating, I think, that keeping the Sabbath made it into the top four of the behaviours God wanted for us. God cares that much about us, and knows us so well, that God mandates we stop working for a whole day. We get to stop planting, stop weeding, stop planning, stop managing, stop controlling, stop producing for a whole day! We are set free from the tyranny of our own exalted productivity and set outside to play, chat, feast, connect, walk, run, cuddle, picnic, read, relax, worship. So that we could connect with the world outside our skin, and the world inside our skin. So that we can take our time loving God, loving each other, and loving creation. Why? So that we can flourish. So that creation and her creatures can have a wee break from our striving, as well.

This past Sunday on zoom we talked about what we want to say “yes” to as we deepen our sabbath practices, and what we want to say “no” to. I wanted to say “yes” to sitting on a blanket in the sunshine and reading a novel that has been sitting on my bedside table, and I wanted to say “no” to weeding. I love weeding, but it keeps me from sitting on a blanket and reading because there are ALWAYS more weeds. Sunday afternoon, I did it! I sat on a blanket and read!  It was bliss. Confession: I also pulled a few weeds while I sat there. But just a few:) I wonder what you named, and if you were able to find time to practice sabbathing in a way that felt lifegiving for you.

On zoom we also talked about our models of Sabbath growing up. Many of us come from such legalistic backgrounds that anything that smacks of a “rule” or “guideline” or a boundary triggers us. We cling fiercely to our freedom to choose. And the beauty is, we still can choose. No one will be visiting your home and punishing you for the way you’re sabbathing. Just like no one is policing you to see if you are washing your hands and maintaining physical distance with your friends. We are still adulting. But as we enjoy our freedom of choice, may we also remember that with freedom comes responsibility for our choices. God loves and respects us this much: that we are never coerced into life, merely invited.
– Anne


Sunday May 24

No Zoom church.

We’ll be connecting as Gathering Groups – stay tuned to hear from facilitators!



Responding in Love

With new hardships emerging around the world due to COVID-19’s impact, Southpoint’s ‘The NET’ has chosen to donate the global relief portion of our missions budget to the Canadian Baptist Ministries’ special fund for humanitarian relief.

If you would like to donate directly:
– E-transfer to finance@cbmin.org, or
– Donate online, or
– Call 1.905.821.3533


Faith, Grief, and COVID-19: A Conversation

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated grief in all of our lives. Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries is offering a free four-part series using discussion guides and films to open up conversations around the challenges of this season.

Their online resource is designed for people to explore together how we understand grief as Christians and how we can support those who are grieving, while practicing physical distancing. If you are interested in journeying through this material together in a small group, please contact Anne.


Southpoint Budget Update

As of 30 April, 2020

Total budgeted          $40,500
Total donations         $38,481
Differential              – $2,019

Total expenses        – $33,413
Total bank balance  + $5,167

NB. Southpoint is not being charged rent during CoVID-19 hiatus in services in the Sunnyside building.



May 24  ALL OUT

May 31 Southpoint Zooms @ 10:00 am
Spirit,  Gen 1:1-5, Gen 2:4-7

Jun 7 Southpoint Zooms @ 10:00 am
Being Human
Gen 1:26-28, Gen 2:15,16

Jun 14 Southpoint Zooms @ 10:00 am
Knowing and Being Known
Gen 2:15-25

Jun 21 Southpoint Zooms @ 10:00 am

Jun 28   ALL OUT



Every other Monday
Youth: Fellowship of the Rings, 6:30-7:30 pm

Youth: Roots Group, 4:30-6:00 pm

Men: Virtually Bad Movie Night, 8:00 pm.

Bookclub, 7:30 pm
Read the book and join in: for a Zoom link, contact Katie.
– May 27  Women Talking, by Miriam Toews
– June 24  American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins



Prayer Chain
If you have a confidential prayer need, please contact John H.

Drop-In Prayer Times

Mondays   7:00-8:00 pm
– David M.

Tuesdays   3:30-4:30 pm
– Anne H.

Wednesdays   7:00-8:00 pm
– Roland

Thursdays   10:30-11:30 am
– Anne Smith  778-878-4352

Pastoral Support
Contact Anne by email or text (778-878-4352).

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