Week of October 4 – 10.

Anti-Creation Narrative by Lauren Wright Pittman
Exodus 5:1-2; 7:8-23

Anti-Creation Narrative 

The image this week is the creation of Lauren Wright Pittman. Her artist’s statement follows; I have bolded a sentence for emphasis.

“This story of Pharaoh’s hardening heart leads to a kind of anti-creation narrative—one where the world is coming undone and actively being destroyed. Sound familiar?

As a society, we are actively undoing God’s creation through our consumption while clinging to ease, convenience, and our power over our environment. We harden our hearts to the ways our actions cause harm. We value our comfort over the health of our coastlines while the first climate refugees flee their homes due to rising tides and sinking land.  […]

I believe Pharaoh’s hardening heart is prophetic. This narrative reveals to us how a person’s clinging to power can literally unravel creation. We often undo the threads of creation, while God entreats us to become co-creators. We have seam rippers in our hands when God wants us to have needle and thread.

There is a difficult hope in the narrative, however. Our own unraveling of God’s dream for creation is not strong enough to thwart God’s plan. Ultimately the Israelites find liberation.”

In what way is your heart hardened?

What might it look like to soften your heart to actions and practices that cause harm?

– Anne

NB: This week’s theme coincided with Netflix’s release of broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough’s documentary film “A Life on Our Planet”. It is his witness statement:  “how we came to make our greatest mistake and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right”. Link.

October Pledge Drive 


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Thank you for your survey responses regarding our rhythms of fall/winter worship. Our priorities are safety – we are paying close attention to provincial health guidelines – connection, and the unique needs of our children/youth, for whom zoom is not a good fit.

Oct 11  Outdoors Church
Discovering a New Path: The Conversion of Saul
Acts 9: 1-20

Oct 18  Zoom Church
When Dreams Unravel
Jeremiah 29: 1-7

Invitation to Fall Worship: this link provides all the information you need to know where your Gathering is meeting another Gathering for Outdoor Church this Sunday. It also contains the zoom link for a 10:00 am small group time for those needing unable to be in-person.

If you are new and would like to join us for either small group zoom or one of our outdoor services, please contact Karin (email) for more information. Have you become a regular and want to be in a Gathering? Contact Angela (email).


Friendship Benches

Cultivating small circles of connection, fun, and care during Covid:

Youth and Younger
If you’d like to know more about these groups contact Angela (angneufeld@gmail.com)

K-3 gathering at Kingfisher Farm
Wednesday, Oct 7, 4:00-5:15 pm

Monthly Roots Hangout
Saturday, Oct 17, 6:00-7:30 pm
Contact Anne, text (778) 878-4352? or email.

– – – –

Small Zoom Circle for Women
Tuesday, Oct 13, 7:00-8:00 pm
Last spring we started two small groups so that women could support women during Covid. We kept them small, because zoom conversations can be tiring, and small seemed more sustainable. This fall, one group is continuing. If there are other women interested in being a part of a group like this, please contact Anne, text (778) 878-4352? or email.

– – – –

Friendship Bench for 20+
Young adults between the ages of 20-30! Anne would love to host a conversation with all of you about life, spirituality, and what it’s like to be curating a life for yourself in times of Covid. What do you hope for this year? What do you need this year? How may she support you? If you’d like to be a part of this kind of conversation, please contact Anne, text (778) 878-4352? or email.

– – – –

Creative Gatherings and Designers of Space
Are you someone who thinks about how to gather folk together? Frustrated that we’re not “doing more”? Have dreams of a Southpoint movie series? An extrovert who loves connecting? A strategic implementer who likes bringing ideas into fruition? If you would like to be part of a conversation about how we can worship, connect, and care for one another this fall/winter, Anne would love to facilitate this kind of conversation. Please contact her, text ?(778) 878-4352? or email.



Prayer Chain
If you have a confidential prayer need, please contact John Hardy (email).

Pastoral Support
If you’re needing to talk or to pray, please call Anne (778-878-4352?).

Supporting the Work of Southpoint


Thank you for considering your giving during this unusual time. Options include:

– via Pre-authorized debit (repeating or one-time) with this form (link). Cost to Southpoint is only $0.50.

– via Paypal to The Church at Southpoint. Cost is 3% of the donation.

– via the Charitable Impact Foundation (link). Cost is 2.8% of the donation


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