What Do You Need?

Zilola Nazarova, Uzbekistan

“Some of the best conversations start with good questions—questions we’ve been meaning to ask, questions that keep us curious, and questions that lead us deeper into courage and connection.”

—Sanctified Art

As we moved back this fall into the rhythm of face-to-face worship, we began curating Sunday Gatherings around a monthly question designed to help us come to know one another in new ways. With the worst of Covid hopefully behind us, we are becoming acquainted with each other’s presence again.

This month’s question is “What do you need?” In light of the climate crisis addressed at the COP26 Climate Summit, perhaps an equally important question is, “What do you NOT need?”

As we make time in our Sunday gatherings for moments of conversations, we invite you to be present to the stories within and around us. As you listen and hold space, may you find deeper connection and wisdom, as well as a desire to keep the conversations going, beyond the boundaries of Sunday morning.

“Our presence to one another is sacred and carries the elements of God’s character and God’s presence. We can embody God’s “with-ness” to one another and to creation.”

—Sacred Space

Deep peace and blessings.


Rev. Anne Baxter Smith
Pastor of Church at Southpoint

Worship Calendar

In-person at Sunnyside 15639 24 Ave
* Please read Covid statement here.
* Wear a mask if ? 5 years old
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Question for November:What Do You Need?

Sun. Nov 14, 10:00 am
Asking for Help
Speaker: Anne Smith 2 Tim 4:9-13

Sun. Nov 21, 10:00 am
Offering Clarity
Speaker: Anne Smith

Holy Disturbance: Where Does It Hurt?

On the first Sunday of Advent we’ll have a booklet for you, to accompany you through this season.

Sun. Nov 28, 10:00 am
All In: Speaking Up
Speaker: Anne Smith 1 Sam 1:1-8

Sun. Dec 5, 10:00 am
Reaching Out
Speaker: Anne Smith Mark 5: 21-43

Sun. Dec 12, 10:00 am
Pulling Apart
Speaker: Anne Smith Luke 5: 17-26

Sun. Dec 19, 10:00 am
Breaking Through
Speaker: Anne Smith Luke 2: 1-7

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