Where Do We Go From Here, Together?

 Children with Tree of Life 
Norval Morrisseau (Anishinaabe) ca. 1980–85

There’s a certain buzz about conversations in which we explore big picture visions, define what we like and don’t like, and explore what we want and don’t want. We can either translate all that energetic conversation into communal reality through collective action, or we can be content with weaving words in the air. I do the latter every Sunday, so I don’t want to throw contempt on the power of words to simmer away within us and bear good fruit : ) However, we are at a unique moment in our church’s history: our patterns of engagement have been disrupted through covid and my sabbatical. As we re-engage, we have a chance to choose with intention our new actions, rhythms, and rituals so that we re-engage purposefully rather than “rubber banding” back into patterns that no longer serve us.

From our outdoor discussions a few weeks ago five themes emerged:  Connection, Holding Space, Rhythms & Rituals, Intergenerational Ministry, and Purpose.

This Sunday (our last scheduled Outdoor Church) we will be meeting in five teams and one zoom team. Each team will workshop one of those themes. The challenge is to determine one actionable objective connected to the team’s theme–to help our community translate our values into action.

As the team discusses and strategizes, it will write one proposal to be shared with the church the following Sunday. If you weren’t at church on Sunday and would like to join one of these groups, please email Anne and Karin and we’ll make sure to include you in our plans for this Sunday.

I really do believe that the Spirit’s power is released and activated through our  prayerful collaboration. I believe spiritual wisdom is held and mined collectively, as well as individually. Part of my own intentional re-engagement with Southpoint is moving away from self-sufficiency to interdependency. Making space for these Sunday morning strategy teams is my actionable objective to help me achieve this goal:) I am gleaning your creativity, wisdom, and good will! I look forward to hearing your proposals. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my own “growth” goal by participating on Sunday. 


Just to re-iterate: there will be no service at Sunnyside this week.

Come October, we will be meeting face-to-face at Sunnyside regularly on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.

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