Where do we go from here, together?

Heart of Justice
The Eagle feather is honouring IRS survivors.
The eagle silhouettes are all the loved ones we lost at and since Residential school,
all flying towards justice.

– Melaney Gleeson-Lyall, of the Snaw’naw’as, Lyackson and Musqueam,
a Coast Salish Artist. From her Facebook page, posted June 20, 2021.

There are people in our church longing for greater purpose, who find the Sunday service a little bit empty. There are people in our church longing for more connection, who find the Sunday service constraining. There are those who have missed the rituals and rhythms of face-to-face worship, and find Sunday morning comforting. There are parents who are deeply weary, and find the volunteer tasks of Sunday morning draining. There are children who long to belong, yet find the infrequency of Sunday mornings an obstacle to friendship. There are some who find the space at Sunnyside satisfying, sufficient for the needs of the day. There are some who find the space at Sunnyside stifling, an impediment to moving forward.

Last Sunday, we met in small groups, each group focusing on 1 of 6 core concepts that are important to us: Connection, Rituals and Rhythms, Purpose, Intergenerational, Holding Space, and Providing Virtual Access. This Sunday, each group will share the fruit of that labour.

As each group shares, I invite you to get curious. Listen for more than whether you agree or disagree with what is being said. Listen for the longings the Spirit is stirring up. Listen for the Holy Discontent. Listen for the deep needs in one another. Listen for your own defended, egoic response. Listen for God’s deeper invitation to unclench your heart. Listen for where it hurts inside you, and inside others. Listen deep within for tiny movements of comfort and joy. Listen for what might need to change for our gatherings to be fresh and alive, in step with the Spirit. Listen for the steady, foundational pieces that need to be protected.

Sometimes our hearing gets muddled up by defensiveness or discouragement. Sometimes we want to fix people’s feelings so they are comfortable, or distance ourselves so we remain comfortable. Sometimes we agree with what we hear. Sometimes we disagree and get pulled into arguing. Notice all this unfolding inside you, then turn back and keep listening. Listen with anticipation, because the Spirit will be with us in the words of one another.

Deep peace and blessings.


Rev. Anne Baxter Smith
Pastor of Church at Southpoint

Semiahmoo First Nation is leading a Walk for Reconciliation –
Let’s Join In, Southpoint!

We’ve been looking for ways to connect with and show support for the Semiahmoo First Nation.

This Thursday, September 30, Canada’s first Truth and Reconciliation Day, is a significant time for us to do that. The Semiahmoo First Nation are hosting a walk for reconciliation to honour the lost children and survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. 

The First Nation is making event parking free at the SFN parking lot at Semiahmoo Park for those wearing orange shirts. 
1:00 pm Opening remarks at Chief Bernard Charles Memorial Plaza
(15400 block of Marine Drive)

1:20 pm Walk for Reconciliation – walk the promenade eastward from the plaza to Semiahmoo Park

1:50 pm Speakers at Spirit Stage at Semiahmoo Park

2:15 pm Drums Across Canada

2:20 pm Honouring Ceremony

2:30 pm Closing

Invitation poster from the Semiahmoo First Nation

Article in Surrey Now-Leader

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