Winter Dates

Nov 10, 2009

Here are some Southpoint dates to keep in mind as you make your winter plans:

1. Nov 15th – Southpoint Orientation Lunch. For those who consider themselves new to Southpoint and would like to find out more. Please email me if you plan to attend. 12:30 at Small Ritual. Changed to the Simpson/Sears home – 3459 147a St

2. Nov 22nd – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Sign up to be a guest or a host. Email for more info or sign up this Sunday.

3. Nov 25th – Southpoint Budget/Info Meeting. A chance for the Leadership to present a draft 2010 Budget and share information with y’all. 7:30pm at Small Ritual.

4. Dec 9th – Southpoint Christmas Party at Small Ritual. More details to follow. Now on Dec 11th at the Hendra house (14999 35th Ave). Wear a tacky sweater and bring a talent.

5. Dec 24th – Christmas Eve Gathering at Hardy home. 4pm to 5pm. Carols and communion. All welcome!

6. Dec 27th – No service at Morgan Elementary. Instead, we are all invited for brunch over to Ryan and Laura’s house. More details to follow. Now no service or planned gathering of any kind. Have fun with your family and friends!

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