Worshipping in Place this Lent

How to Heal a Broken Wing – Bob Graham


Love in the Time of Corona

This morning I woke up to the news that the US had closed its border with Canada. When I realized I couldn’t go home to my family, I cried. Then I crawled back in bed and marco-polo-ed my family in the states: “OK, I’m giving myself permission to grieve for an hour, and then I’m going to get up. So check in on me – call me in an hour to make sure I’m doing it.” My mom, ever the nurturer, gave me two hours before she checked in. She talked to me about the birds outside her window, and the squirrel that visits her daily. My nephew sent me pictures of Elliot, holding a slug. Creation, out of her own pain, whispering words of comfort, “It will be ok.”

These are exceptional times. Restaurants are closing their doors. Church services are cancelled. Weddings are being postponed. School children are staying at home. Universities are moving on line. Borders are being closed. So much dismantled so quickly, all over the world. Behind all of these decisions are umpteen stories of disappointment, loss, displacement and fear circulating the globe. The worst is still to come.

And yet, here is the subtle beauty – governments across the globe have chosen, as a collective, that human life is more important than the GDP. Young people have decided that the survival of their elders is more important than the exercise of their freedom. Business have decided that the protection of the vulnerable is more important than profit. The kingdom of God is upon us.

If only we would feel the same passion, this same desire to protect and save this earth.

It’s time to love whatever you can. The grass between your toes. The moss in the secret places of the forest. Your child, irritable with change. Your long lost friend, far away, that you secretly want to forgive but haven’t yet found the time to do so. Your great-grandmother. Your inner child. The little strip of beach near your house with little bits of garbage that need collecting. We are all connected. We all matter. Every square inch of this hurting, beloved, beautiful earth.

We are in this for the long haul, and it won’t easily go away. But each day we make choices to show up and love, even if from a distance.

Southpoint, I know this about us:
We can do hard things.
We can love each other from a distance.

We are talking about what this might look like. If you have ideas, please be in touch.

– Anne


Men’s Group – Socially Distanced Movie Watching (Fun)

Jason launched a fabulous idea for the men’s group this week:

We’re going to simultaneously watch a bad, but fun movie and text about it in a chat thread in real time. 

Watching a dumb movie together can be better than watching a good one, to Jason’s mind, because you can chat about it while you’re watching the movie. It doesn’t matter if you miss anything.

Take that, Social Distancing!

What do you need? Only to have a way to watch the film online and also WhatsApp on your phone/computer in order to participate in the group chat.

If you are a guy and did not get this week’s invitation, please alert office@southpoint.ca and Karin will make sure your email is on the men’s group distribution list.


The most gentle revolution

There are still versions of you that remember
a soft childhood filled with caring for everything
that the grown ups around you simply ignored.

The baby bird with a broken wing you healed,
the thirsty plants you always gave water to
the lonely and sad children you befriended.

We learn when we are young how to be kind,
we are so certain back then that we are here to help
each other through sorrow and through sadness too.

But when we grow up we forget the magic
that lies within each act of kindness, that it has
the facility to build true hope the way revolutions do.

Kindness was always your superpower.
And your gentle heart can still change the world
if only you believe you can and truly want to.

– Nikita Gill


Doing Church Together but Apart
Worship Resources

We are preparing this week’s worship-in-place materials: a combo of liturgy, psalm and some suggestions for engagement. This week’s materials will be circulated by week’s end.

Feedback is welcome and share with us how you use them! Visits to the beach to share bread and “wine” (it was cherry cola), collaging at home, singing/not singing…

Stay in Touch

Instagram:  thechurchatSouthpoint

The Church at Southpoint
– an open site

The Church at Southpoint Friendship Bench
– a private page for local attendees

Gathering Groups
If you have a special need be in touch with your Gathering Group Facilitator; this is a time for our neighbourhood tables to care for each other!

Feeling Heavy?
Do contact Anne if you are feeling the weight and are looking for a safe place to chat and pray.

Ask for Prayer
The prayer chain is in full swing. You’re encouraged to contact John Hardy with requests for prayer.

Add to the Southpoint News
If you have an announcement for the newsletter, please send it fully prepared and edited to: office@southpoint.ca by Tuesday.


Longing for Mental Thriving

Jen has found a  great offering from Sanctuary Mental Health:

“Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries recognizes the need for access to online mental health resources in this season, and so we are happy to make The Sanctuary Course available for free.”

Simply use the code “mentalhealth” at checkout to receive a 100% discount for the next month (discount code expires April 18, 2020).

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